Happy New Year

New year, new you?

It’s January 8th, by now you’ve probably made and broken some of your resolutions for the year. I mean how unfair is it that New Year comes right after Christmas – surpluse chocolate, cheese, the gym is closed and so close to the weekend too? It’s no wonder most of us didn’t make it until Monday.

What about an easy resolution, one that gets you fit, and with a perfect view. The whole family can take part. Get outdoors, see Scotland! Whether its a quick visit to Scotland on holiday, or a monthly challenge to go somewhere different, see something new if you already live here. I’ve attached the ‘Bucket List’ where ‘Moco adventures’ First began.

Personally I’ve done 28/100, not sure where Mr Moco stands on this? Being Vegetarian there are some I’ll never do, but we can replace Haggis with Veggie Haggis right? So that makes it 29/100. It’s January and already I know of at least two more we will complete by the first weekend in February.

Have a look and see how you fair, I’m interested to know!

Courtesy of http://wildaboutscotland.com/

Start planning 2019 goals today!

bd950db2-6189-43cf-b195-3213e1d2b3b8Glen Etive Deer 

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